Working on losing your weight? Have a good diet plan? Taking some exercises?

These are the basics. You have to maintain a proportion between your calorie intake and your energy expenditure.

Roughly there is a calculation that if you intake 500K.calorie less than your daily requirement you will lose 0.5kg per week. So make a good diet plane proportionate to your energy expenditure.

And don’t believe in myths about your diet. It may ruin your goal.

Here are 10 myths about diet regarding your weight loss.

‘Fat should be strictly avoided’

What are you thinking about your weight losing diet plan? You don’t consider a small amount of fat in your meal?

It is wrong. A healthy adult daily required around 1-1.5gm/Kg body weight of fat. Fat is an energy source and helps to maintain different metabolic pathways in our body.

Without a fat containing diet plan all of vitamins you are taken specially fat soluble vitamin A, D, E and K will not absorb from your gastrointestinal tract and you may suffer from different vitamin deficiency diseases.

So, appropriate amount of fat should be included in your diet plan.


‘Carbs are making you obese’

It’s true that carbohydrate containing foods are responsible for central obesity and excess accumulation of fat in out body. Carbohydrate metabolized and produces energy and some of them transform to fat as well as complex carbohydrate compound like glycogen and stored in our body.

But the correcting should be made. Carbohydrate is not responsible. ‘Excess amount’ of carbohydrate is responsible for your obesity. Without carbohydrate your body cannot maintain any activity. It is the main source of energy. Otherwise, Carbs containing foods are usually vegetables and fruits. So if you want to avoid carbs you have to avoid the main source of vitamins and minarets too.


‘Has to avoid red meat which contains protein and high amount of fat’

Red meat contains fat but it also contains heart healthy unsaturated fat. It also contains oleic acid which also a heart healthy fat. Red meat contains several types of vitamins and minerals which are required for young women and deficiency of them may cause anemia.


‘Dairy products are more fat containing food’

Dairy product contains different types of vitamins, protein and fat. But, not as much as we think. Milk, cheese and yoghurt are commonly used dairy products which also contain essential nutrients like zinc, some B vitamins and calcium. Calcium helps to build strong and  healthy bones  and prevents  osteoporosis in later life.

These dairy products contain low fat and will not effect on your weight loss plan.


‘Single food in a meal is good’

If you think carbohydrate and protein containing foods may clash during absorption and you will not get the proper amount of protein and carbohydrate you are wrong.

Every food components divided into smallest chemical compound that can be absorbed independently. But some vitamins need fat to be absorbed. So, the single food meal is a wrong idea. And there are no or very few foods you will find containing purely carbohydrates, protein or fat.


‘Only fruits containing breakfast is good for weight loss’

What will be your body’s internal need after fasting a whole night? It needs energy.

A rich breakfast is more important than a lunch. Otherwise your blood sugar will fall and your brain may be hanged after a long fasting.

So, with fruit, it’s better to take some cereal foods like bread for maintaining appropriate blood sugar level with your breakfast.


‘Skip meal, a way to lose some pounds’

Are you skipping a meal? What about your next meal?

Taking a regular amount of food or you have to eat some extra for controlling your hunger.

Skipping meal is not a good idea to lose some weight. At most of the time it causes double intake of food in the next meal and weight gain may occur.


‘Be a vegetarian; you will be skinny’

Don’t think that vegetarians take fewer calories than you. But their diet pattern is healthy for the cardio vascular system and it lowers blood pressure.

The important negative thing about being vegetarian is essential amino acids found less in amount in vegetables and plant sources and they have to take much and verities types of food to meet their daily body requirement.

Many vegetarians suffer from anemia due to protein deficiency.

If you are non vegetarian you don’t need to change your diet plan. Just take the appropriate amount of different types of foods.


‘All Fast foods are forbidden’

Fast food contains high amount of fat but not all them. Your home made food also may contain rich amount of fat. So, it’s important to choose a proper food which is less fatty and less calorie containing.


‘Without weight loss supplement you can’t lose your weight’

Weight loss supplements help to reduce your weight by decreasing appetite, decreasing absorption of food from your gastrointestinal tract and increasing energy expenditure by stimulating your cells.


So, a quality weight loss supplement works. But without diet controlling and appropriate calorie consuming you can’t control your obesity.

Weight loss supplements are additives to your diet plan, but not a compulsory thing.

At last, you are taking proper diet and leading a lazy life may destroy your plan. So, take proper diet, be active and reach your goal.


Dr. Hasan Ebna Amin

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